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Are the voices in my head bothering you? I can ask them to keep it down.

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Birthdate:Apr 23
Location:Colorado, United States of America
I am an aspiring illustrator/writer who wishes to create his own literary world some day. Currently working full time, but am also studying internet commerce and business mentorship with the ambition of developing something successful.

I am polyamorous and currently in a relationship. While I am not actively looking, that may change with time. While I can be clingy and borderline possessive I do have the sense to back off when told to, though it is difficult to keep my feelings and hands to myself at times. I have been told that I am quite passionate, which in all honesty tends to surprise me as I have devoted a good amount of time to suppressing the more intense of my emotions. This isn't by any means a bad thing, but it does tend to make things awkward. Although I respond most strongly to words of affirmation (read "The Five Love Languages" by Dr. Gary Chapman for reference to what I am talking about), I still think Touch is a very close second for me.

I am also a polytheist with ties to the deities of the Voudoun (or otherwise known as Ifa) African traditions as well as the Shinto traditions of Japan. While I am still very new to the pagan spiritual path (about 3 years now), the changes that have occurred in my life as a result have been mind-blowingly amazing. This is coming from someone who was raised fundamentalist Christian. Yeah, I've learned that I am capable of a lot more than I'd ever been allowed to know and I'm on a steady (though aggravatingly slow at times) course towards discovering exactly what that is. Still, I am very happy with what I have learned.

Personality-wise, I consider myself a fairly laid back person. I maintain a positive mindset whenever possible, but this is difficult when going up against a world that seems intent to remain in its own negativity or destruction. Though I'm not the hermit I used to be, I still prefer quiet times by myself. I also seem to possess a fairly stubborn streak and can be very impatient. I hate waiting for things, especially when it involves tolerating or weathering through things I find very unpleasant. I am well aware of the rewards of delayed gratification, but that doesn't dampen my desire for better things or a better life at all.

My hobbies include Japanese anime, video games (Japanese RPGs, mostly, though I have begun to branch out), writing (currently on a series posted on, and illustrating. To this end, I've collected a lot of How-To Draw books as well as Self-Help stuff, mystery, sci-fi/fantasy, and a good deal of manga (japanese comics). I have more books than I have self space at this point.

As I mostly like listening to music from video games, I've gained an appreciation for just about any type (though I seem partial to rock and jazz...yeah, figure that one out).
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